Shark Attack 10 stk Feminized

Shark Attack 10 stk Feminized
  • Medicinal.
  • Contained growth.
  • Average producer.
  • Needs dry climate.
THC 0% - 0%
CBD high
Production 150 gr - 400 gr

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This indica dominant strain is mostly important for 3 reasons: the white layer of resin that it produces, its medicinal effect due to its high CBD content and its intense indica aroma and taste. It relaxes the body and muscles very noticeably, like hashish, and the effect is strong and pleasurable.

It does not grow very tall; the internodal distance is low with this strain making easy to control the size. The leaves are wide, short and very dark with an indica smell. It gives medium production, ripening completely after around 55 days. It recommended to keep it in total darkness for the last 5 days to stimulate aroma and resin production.


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